Construction Based Fire Attack

Emphasis on building construction and its problemsto enable firefighters to make tactical and safety conscious decisions on the fire ground. Course teaching resources will include photographs, thermal imaging video and audiovisual presentations displaying various construction features and how they fail under fire conditions.

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How and Why Buildings on Fire Fail

A guide to making tactical and safety-conscious decisions on the fire ground. Audiovisuals will be used to show how various construction features found throughout the country fail under fire conditions. Residential construction from the 1930s to the present will be discussed, as will the fire behaviors of concrete, wood, steel, and gypsum board.

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Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM)

Fire Attack Training offers certified OSFM Classes including Vehicle Machinery Technician, Vehicle Machinery Operations, Trench Rescue Awareness, Rope Operations and High Rope Operations.

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Construction Based Fire Attack, FDIC 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Wauconda F.P.D. Contact: Director of Training Al Schlick at 847-526-2821,

Fire Behavior and (VMO coming this spring) were delivered at the Orland F.P.D. Contact Training and Safety Officer Lt. Dave Piper 708-873-2705, .

New Automobile Technology were delivered at the Cicero Fire Department, contact Fire Marshall Larry Moravecek at 708-652-0174